My projects and experiences

Video Analysis

Fall 2020  ·  1 minute
Python PyTorch
As part of a project similar to the geometric deep learning analysis I did in Spring 2020, I investigated state of the art techniques in video action recognition. An example of tracking the activities of subjects The project was mostly about modifying the SlowFast model from FAIR to add person tracking. The modifications made to the model are available on this repository.

Geometric Deep Learning for face segmentation

Spring 2020  ·  27 minutes
Python Tensorflow Google Cloud
Study state of the arts models in the field of geometric deep learning. And then apply, by training models on a face segmentation dataset. We provide our fork of both the PointNet and PointNet++ models.

Developer internship @ Epsor

01/01/2020  ·  1 minute
NodeJS React Kafka Golang
Integrating a small development team and developing the platform using NodeJS, React and GraphQL. Using Apache Kafka to transmit messages accross micro-services, as well as Golang for long running jobs.

Developer for a music festival

Spring 2019  ·  1 minute
React React Native
Creating the website using the models given by the designers and creating a React Native application for participants to use during the festival.

Development of a platform for creating billing estimates

Fall 2018  ·  1 minute
React Laravel
Understanding the client’s needs and then developing the platform. Creating documentation for later maintenances.

Contributions to Open Source Software

2016 - Currently  ·  1 minute
Typescript Android Golang

I contributed to several Open Source Software in the recent years, it was mainly because I was using them or because I found the project interesting and wanted to learn more about it.